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Pine Ridge School received a $2,500 donation from CLAC as part of the union’s Building Communities program. The school was nominated by Kimberly Driedger, an educational assistant employed by Garden Valley School Division. “Winkler is getting a new elementary school, as our community has been growing,” says Kimberly. “This new school will be great for the community but unfortunately, the budget does not include a playground for the students. The parents in the area have already started a committee in an effort to raise funds for a playground. This donation gets us one step closer to reaching our fundraising goals.” 

The Pine Ridge Playground Committee is thankful for the grant application submitted by Kim Driedger and to CLAC for choosing our project.  Some of this money has been used to liven up our early years cement pad.  Basketball lines, hopscotch, 4 square, a 100 chart and a sensory path are ready to be enjoyed in spring. 

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